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Home of Online Poker

We’ve gathered together a crack team of writers to help you navigate the modern poker world as you’ll experience it online and offline. Poker is both an incredibly entertaining and social hobby that can keep you engaged for decades, and a very real way of making real money if you rise to the level of a semi-pro or pro player.

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Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, you’ll find regularly updated poker content to suit your needs here at G5Poker.com. Let’s take a quick look at just some of the main areas you’ll find covered here on the site.

Detailed Breakdowns Of Top Poker Playmakers

Poker is a personality-led affair and we’ll keep you more than up to speed with all the [leading figures](http://g5poker.com/poker-playmakers) of the game. Explore the site and you’ll find profiles of many of the most prominent people in the business, savvy professional players you can study and learn from to improve your own performance. 

We’ll also go deep on particular tips and tactics drawn from famous players and their past performance at the table, and point you in the direction of in-depth interviews with top players you can glean useful nuggets from. As you get more familiar with the larger-than-life characters who dominate the game, your own results at the table are sure to improve!

Complete Listings Of Our Top Events

The global poker tour is a genuinely year-round one these days, and it can be tricky keeping up with what event is coming next. We’ll help you plan out your playing year with confidence by breaking down the main poker events well in advance to let you pick your targets with care. 

We’ll also walk through what actually makes a top event, the collection of characteristics that sets a truly top-tier tournament apart. By the time you’ve stepped through our comprehensive guides, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of what to expect from top-flight tournaments and how to find them on your own. 

We’ll step through all the main offline tournament events and give you detailed breakdowns of the top online tournaments throughout the year including details on how to participate, prize pots on offer, and much much more besides.

Raise Your Game With Our Online Poker School

As your knowledge of the game grows, you’ll naturally look to improve your play by starting to study poker strategy. Luckily, there’s a huge range of material out there to get to grips with. The problem, however, is working out how to make the most of your limited time so that you’re choosing the right resources to turbo-charge your learning rather than spinning your wheels. Our online poker school is specifically designed to solve that problem and will take you from zero to hero in record time!

The online poker school isn’t just for newbies either. No matter how experienced you are, there’s always that next level of strategic insight you can unlock. You’ll find guides for players of all levels across the site that will help you get more of a grasp on the technical underpinnings of the game, and give you a firm set of battle-tested options you can use to gain an edge at the tables.

Poker is also a table game with a diverse and interesting range of variants available to players and you’ll find them all covered here on the site. Whether your game is draw poker, stud poker, or community card poker, you’ll find detailed material here to enjoy about your variant of choice, including full guides to popular options such as Texas Hold ‘Em, seven-card stud and many more. Newer players in particular will benefit from the simple walkthroughs of the main variants to help them get comfortable with real-world game play.

Poker is all about maximising your opportunity when the time is right and you’ll naturally start to become obsessed with working out exactly how to best strike when the iron is hot. We’ve got you covered in this department as well with a series of in-depth pieces about how to start getting huge wins, and how to reliably get them repeatedly over time.

We’ll also guide you through the sometimes murky waters of bonuses on poker sites. Making the most of poker bonuses on offer is a key part of overall account management and long-term success. We’ll walk you through the details of the various types of poker bonuses you’ll find such as deposit and non-deposit bonuses, and show you exactly where you can get the most enticing offers currently available online. We’ll also guide you through the best tie-ins and promotions available at online poker casinos and point you in the direction of the best 

Find The Best Online Poker Sites

As your overall game progresses, you’ll inevitably constantly be on the move for fresh new poker sites where you can pit your wits against new players. Though you’ll probably develop particular favourites over time, the competitive nature of poker means you’ll always tend to move around from site to site. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you’re able to quickly find reliable, well-run poker sites with rock-solid software and excellent terms and conditions. 

We regularly scour the web for the best poker sites out there and will keep you constantly updated on both up-and-coming and well established sites. In addition to highlighting sites worth checking out, we’ll also teach you how to assess sites totally on your own so that you can carry out your own research. Once you understand the basics of how to assess a particular provider, you’ve got a powerful new skill that will stand by you throughout your poker playing career.

We’ll also walk you through all aspects of account management to get you off to a flying start with the poker sites you choose, and help you avoid making newbie mistakes. Even experienced players sometimes fall foul of terms and conditions or payment options on sites, but we’ll put you way out ahead of the chasing pack with a series of easy to understand guides to the basics of managing a successful account on an online poker site.

You’ll learn how to assess the overall offering of a site, and dig into details such as the software powering it, what local hardware you need to make the most of it, and a host of other factors. You’ll also learn easy ways of quickly assessing the customer service and payment options provided by sites in question, and we’ll introduce you to the world of exciting new account funding options that are gaining ground worldwide.

For many players, both online and offline, there is a separate set of legal issues that also have to be considered. This particularly applies if you’re based in a jurisdiction such as the United States where the legal backdrop of online gambling is somewhat complicated. You’ll find guides for to how to safely and legally gamble online across the site covering all the main territories. Use them as a jumping-off point for your own research and you’ll be sure to steer clear of potential legal issues down the line.

At many of the most popular online poker sites, you’ll also find a full range of other casino games on offer, and you’ll find handy guides to them here also on the site. If you like to occasionally stretch your wings with a quick round of blackjack or unwind with some time on the roulette tables, you’ll enjoy our straightforward guides to how to play other popular online casino games for real money.

Dive Into The Poker Lifestyle

A huge part of the appeal of poker is the wider lifestyle that goes along with it. Visit our site regularly and you’ll get access to a truly global community of passionate players who share the same love for luxury and life in the fast lane as you do!

As your mastery of the game grows and you start to rack up the big wins, you’ll soon find yourself wanting the trappings that go with the type of success poker makes possible. Successful poker players enjoy a lifestyle that’s rightfully the envy of those still trapped in a cubicle or struggling through the daily commute. As a professional poker player, you’re in control of your own time and largely independent. Browse our site and you’ll find a huge range of articles which can help you gradually make this dream your own reality!

Our long-term goal here at G5Poker is to become one of the most authoritative and widely used poker resources on the internet. We’re off to a great start with the content already on the site, but feedback from our users is critical in helping us take things to the next level.

If there are particular areas of content you’d like to see covered on the site, or if you’re interested in joining our team of poker experts, please feel free to get in touch. Your feedback is critical in helping us make the site better for everyone! We look forward to helping you improve every aspect of your poker play and starting to win big out there on the tables.

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